2,000 Percent LIVING

You'll learn how to live a much more fruitful life for the Lord through gaining Salvation (if needed), re-dedicating your life to Him (if needed), and being more focused on sanctification. Establish more Godly objectives, help lead more people to gain Salvation, and engage in your calling from Him in more effective ways through the Bible-based directions in 2,000 Percent LIVING, my latest book.

Friday, October 08, 2010

2,000 Percent LIVING

From the Back Cover

After thinking about the possible contents for the
book over several weeks, I was surprised to be
awakened at 1:30 a.m. on May 19, 2009, by a voice
that dictated to me in great detail what should be
in this book. This dictation continued for many
hours and finally paused for me to begin asking
clarifying questions, which were then answered.
The instruction lasted over six hours.

From that experience, I believe that by writing
this book I am merely serving as a fleshly vehicle
for a message from the Holy Spirit that is intended
for all people on Earth. I pray that I have been
faithful and accurate in sharing with you what I
was directed to write.

This is a book about fruitfulness, about how to
accomplish more of what God intends. For your
willing contributions to those fruitful results,
He will reward you in heaven.

Would you like to understand Godly ways that
have led
some Christians to enjoy life more, to
accomplish so much
that they amazed themselves,
to have lots more free time, to be with loved ones
more often, and to earn a living in less time and
with less effort? When it is God’s will, those are
some of the potential benefits that 2,000 percent

solution living may offer you.

2,000 Percent Living is available for purchase
in paperback at:


2,000 Percent Living is available for purchase
in the electronic Kindle format at:


I am also looking for volunteer translators
who would like to help make the book
available to many more people. Send me an
e-mail at save_more_souls@yahoo.com if
this is of interest.

The appendixes for 2,000 Percent Living can be
found at:

http://billiondollarbusiness.blogspot.com/, and

Copyright 2010 Donald W. Mitchell. All Rights Reserved.

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